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Welcome to Daily Adventures in Grace!

Hi.  I am Karen Pennington, and I'm an anointed mess! My great joys in life are family, friends and faith.  My great passions in life are the Bible and teaching. My happy places in life are the beach and a good clearance sale. I certainly don't have all the answers, but I sure do enjoy the adventure of everyday living with Christ.

I invite you to join me as we walk together in celebration of this beautiful mess we call life. Our stories are so powerful and so intimately connected that we scarcely can know ourselves independent of knowing the stories of others, particularly the characters of God's Word.  Let's live and share together, knowing that as we share we are bound to grow.

As part of this site I offer some free resources for Christian living and spiritual growth, including but not limited to: Bible studies, devotionals and links to my online social media resources, which are designed to help us connect with God and one another to promote personal and spiritual growth.  

                    to hear Karen's interview with Duke Lamastra on the "Real Live Talk" podcast.

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