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"All Things" Podcast Welcomes an Anointed Mess

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

There is something very powerful and freeing about being able to share your story with others. It's not just the talker in my saying that (though I do so love to t). From the very beginning of the Christian church, the concept of witnessing has been essential to its growth, both as a population and within each individual believer.

I was reminded of this truth when recently interviewed by Athena Dean Holtz for the "All Things" podcast. During the interview we discussed the content of my new book, "An Anointed Mess: Discovering the Daily Adventure of Grace," in light of the podcast's theme and flagship verse, Romans 8:28:

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (NIV)."

Athena asked me to share my own Romans 8:28 story. Attempting to fit "all things" within the context of receiving new grace every day (see the book's subtitle) within a 45 minute interview was no small challenge for me. The very act of preparing this witness added new clarity to my understanding of grace.

As I shared in the interview, I began to better appreciate the God of the mountains and the valleys, the one who can use both the greatest triumphs and the biggest nightmares in life to help build a foundation of integrity and trust in God as our source. Even as I spoke, I also began to better realize just how precious those everyday circumstances are as a means to better define and strengthen that gift of faith. God really can and does use it all.

Our dialogue continued with a discussion of the meaning of grace, the unifying power of story and the gift of daily living. It is amazing how quickly I can forget those things, even after having written and lived them over and over again. Sometimes as I speak the words that God has called me to share, something happens within me. The very message that that I am led to say to others ends up piercing my own heart.

I am so grateful for the chance to share my own story in this setting. I want others to know and benefit from what I have experienced, good and bad. But perhaps even more than this, in reminding others of God's goodness in my life, I am reminding myself as well. That is a story that will never get old.

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