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The Song of Moses

"Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in splendor, doing wonders?" -Exodus 15:11 NRSV

Think for a minute of the most difficult, seemingly impossible situation you have ever been in.

Now picture a nation of close to two million men, women and children walking away from the only home they have ever known in their lifetime, all moving at once, with nothing more than a cloud of smoke giving them the faintest clue of what directions they need to take.

Next, picture that said nation of slowly wandering families being unexpectedly chased down by the chariots, horsemen and weapons of the most powerful army of all time until that point.

Finally, picture the now (most likely) frantic, large, slow moving nation of people coming up to a large, impassable body of water while the army quickly closes in at its back.

I'll bet you have never been in THAT impossible of a situation. But do you know who is there? God is.

Guess what happens? God not only parts that sea for the nation of God's people (the Israelites) to cross safely. The Lord brings those very waters back upon the heads of the pursuers, defeating the army in one of greatest weaponless battles of all time and history.

This is the backdrop for the passage of Scripture that many refer to as "The Song of Moses," a passage which includes the verse shared with this post. "The Song of Moses" is a praise song that celebrates a God whose power and provision far exceed anything we could ever face in this life.

When we walk faithfully according to God's will, it doesn't matter how impossible the situation may seem. Not only is God more than capable of making a way amidst the impossible. Our Lord can use the very things that threaten to ruin us as stepping stones to greater victory in our lives... when we walk according to God's will.

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