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Healing Truth #5- In Christ I am Redeemed

Two of the definitions that gives for the word redeem are "To buy back" and "To change for the better." Along these lines, to say that we are redeemed signifies that God, the great recycler has purchased us at the highest price and can repurpose even what we see as garbage in our lives to become a thing of great beauty and purpose.

I am reminded of God's redeeming power as I consider some of my husband Ben's recent wood recycling projects. A few months ago Ben started used the wood from two old pallet to make two large planter boxes out of old packing pallets. It turns out that most companies just want to get rid of the pallets, so they are happy to give them away for free. But when Ben shared pictures of his first planter box, people immediately began asking how much he would charge them to make a similar planter box for them. Recently Ben has moved on to convert more pallets into a mega-play area in our backyard for our granddaughter, one we could not hope to afford have we purchased it pre-made.

I just love the idea that in the hands of the right person, something that was once considered so worthless that a company would pay to have it removed turns into a highly valuable, highly valued commodity.

This reminds me what God does for the lives of those who come to the throne of grace. Our lives may feel valueless and worthless. But in Christ we have a value that compelled God to "buy back" our lives from enslavement to sin with the blood of God's own son.

This is more than just a one time redemption, and it's about more than just us. Romans 8:28 says that:

"All things work together for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Absolutely everything. From worthless to priceless. And all it takes is the touch of the great recycler's hand....

Is there something about your life that seems worthless, pointless, or even toxic. Surrender it to God, and see what beauty and meaning God can bring from even the worst life has to offer.

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